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Apr 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
for san francisco is finding in rhythm on what we can do instead offen incarcerating as a first response but a latter response. i would like to see where this progressive outlook is going. i also this i that 120301 in the penal code allows the supervisors to amend the translation for county sheriff to rewrite that eligiblity for early release even fore jail systems that are not over crowded. i think coming out of here is a potential reform as one who tries to second reconcile the bail bonds industry and the equity that exist from people who can not afford jail which are people of color and come from disadvantaged communities and the nationals in the state are affirmed in a city like san francisco. we should not rest on our laurls in san francisco and realize that based on the demography that what exist inside our jail system continues with the management that we do want to consider some alternatives in the penal code those opportunities are providing for the county governments and county board of supervisors that empowers our local criminal justice partners to do just that. >> l
Apr 5, 2013 7:00pm EDT
taxes than i am. just gave away a little bit offen come but it's not a big surprise. not all. not a hundred percent. >> don't forget we are not that far away from a campaign. we're not that far from a presidential campaign where republicans were saying and romney was saying don't get -- was accusing the president of taking money out of medicare, actually reducing medicare. this issue is political dynamite. social security as well. >> at least we're getting somewhere. they just have us in d.c., we'd get the problems solved. thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. >> jimmy, is it true you're leaving to catch a train? dude. >> i like to keep my movements secret. please. >> let me give you a word of advice. it's amtrak. it will be late. it will probably break down. you don't need to worry about it. it's not leaving on time. >> i was thinking a helicopter like in brazil. the amtrak is not going to leave on time. all right. back to north korea and the threat. the day that is. the latest from a rogue dictatorship is a suggestion to foreign embassies they might want to evacuate while they st
Apr 16, 2013 7:00am EDT
before the bombs went offen and i was kind of in the. when you heard the explosions i need immediately they were bombs. they were unmistakably loud, unlike anything, you know,no industrial type noises you are a apt to here. h and, you know, i immediately i sent an e-mail back to the post saying two bombs went off at the boston marathon. >> you had no doubt right away. you didn't think because i knowi there wasnk speculation during early moments maybe this was a gas explosion, natural gas explosion or something like that you didn't think so? >> i didn't. i heard people here say they the thought it was a sell bra tory cannon or something but there was one blast and then another. maybe it's by background, i've v written about national security. bombings at mass events are not beyond my imagination. that's the first thing i thought of. look the boston smart an iconic event. it's been run 117 times. there are thousandsful people there. if you are some deranged personp wanting to mick a statementnt planting bombs there is something one could imagine. i >> you were a couple blocks
Apr 4, 2013 6:00am EDT
system. we have offens and rotisseries. we do not have fryers. >> you have hot pies too, don't you? >> we do. they are baked in our ovens with natural chicken or turkey. >> could you describe one for me? >> you must love it. >> i do love it. it's called a pie. that's a problem with that right from the beginning. as far as growth goes, this is going to help, obviously, right? >> absolutely. we've been on a great trend. we have had 30% up in sales. we have had a great track record. >> what do you think is happening? a tribute to all our staff. once we got engaged we upped the service. we went to real plates and cutlery instead of plastic. we added some positions in our restaurant. >> so you're not competing with mcdonald's or something like that? >> absolutely not. we bring the food to the tables, bus the tables. we are about to open our first restaurant in six years. >> does that mean you charge higher price as you go upscale? >> well, we haven't had to change our pricing on chicken. >> i hate to cut you off but this is getting cold. my food. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> e
Apr 30, 2013 6:00am EDT
time offen credibly high unemployment you think people might be more professional had when they show up. but there's a story on "usa today" that college students have poor interviewing skills. human resources pros said they have seen them text or take calls during their interviews. they dress inappropriately. they use slang or overly casual language. some of the examples was a man in his late 20s who brought his father to a 45--year-old father. another college senior who brought her cat in to american eagle. another one who took 15 minutes into the interview got a call on his cell phone and took it. they did a study over the last four years. saying 48.6% said that new employees exhibit professionalism in the first year. less than half show that in the first year. >> i had a young man come for an internship interview who said i don't do coffee, which i will always remember. >> they say 52.9% say they show up with a sense of entitlement. >> and i didn't suggest there was coffee necessary. but he said i don't do coffee. >> i did do whatever was necessary. >> you were interviewing again.
Apr 5, 2013 7:00am PDT
long do you put it in the offen? >> 20 minutes at 450 and when you open it up it is beautiful and it just smells so good as well. >> and then you've got some rice. >> this is brown rice, so that's what it looks like. and boom. >> i love this a mini meatloaf. >> this is one of my husband's favorite recipes, his birthday is this weekend, but he doesn't know i add oatmeal to it. >> he's standing over there. happy birthday. >> he can't taste it, that's wonderful. >> you get some fiber in there. >> makes the meat go farther and the cholesterol lowering fiber. eggs hold it together, onions, marinara, worscestershire. the muffins cuts the cooking time in half and they're perfectly portioned. >> the kids will love that. back here you've got an interesting one. >> this is just $1.67, it's a lot of food but it's healthy food. and it's tasty, too, so it's a spaghetti tower, whole grain spaghetti, fiber, protein and meatless chili is my ingredient instead of meatballs and just as tasty and we put some steamed broccoli, edamame, adds five more grams of protein. >> you can get it frozen. >> frozen
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)